"Titanfall" servers experienced issues earlier today. Courtesy/Respawn

Many “Titanfall” players were left frustrated Friday, unable to play the first-person shooter on Xbox Live and the PC because of server problems. Though some users report they’re able to play, others are still unable to load the popular Respawn game.

For some gamers attempting to play the title, which launched March 11, it searches for an available server and is not able to connect. Players are instead met with a “no server found” message. Microsoft responded quickly via Twitter, assuring users the bug would be fixed in a timely manner.

“Xbox Live Compute is having an outage. Microsoft is aware and investigating, “ the game’s official Twitter page tweeted a few short hours ago.

As of 2PM EST, Respawn claims the game is up and running again.

Were you unable to play "Titanfall" earlier? Are you still experiencing issues? Comment below.