A screenshot of "Titanfall" map "Boneyard." Courtesy/EA

“Titanfall” fans, get excited! The full release of the title on March 11 will feature 15 maps and 33 weapons, according to data taken from the beta release. Users on NeoGAF were able to uncover this data and posted the information on the site last Sunday.

User RazorUK employed a hex decoder to interrogate the code included in “Titanfall’s” PC version beta release -- finding the names of new maps and various weapons. Other NeoGAF users have added to the forum post with photos of maps and screenshots.

Maps included are Angel City, Fracture, Colony, Airbase, Relic, Corporate, Boneyard, Outpost 207, Rise, Lagoon, Smuggler’s Cove, Nexus, Overlook, O2 and Training Ground. The current beta includes Fracture, Angel City and Training Ground.

Screenshot of "Smuggler's Cove" map. Courtesy/EA

The weapons and perks are detailed below. The beta version of “Titanfall” will close on this Wednesday.


• p2011

• p2011sp

• p2011_auto

• w1128

• r97

• b3wing

• rspn101_carbine

• m1a1_hemlok

• lmg_hemlok

• g2a4

• car101

• rspn101

• at_rifle

• rspn101_dmr


• satchel_charge

• data_knife

• titan_vortex_blocker

• xotbr16

• thr_40mm

• caber_shot

• proximity_detonator

• frag_grenade

• defender_charge

• shoulder_rocket

• sentry_turret

• auto_rocket_launcher

• titan_triple_threat

• titan_sniper_rifle

• titan_rocket_pod

• titan_arc_rifle

• titan_sniper_rifle

• titan_shotgun

Game Modes:

• AT - Attrition?

• TDM - Team Deathmatch?

• CTF - Capture the Flag?

• LTS - Last Titan Standing?

• HP- Hardpoint Capture?

• VM - Variety Mode (a mix of all the other modes listed, sans campaign)

• Campaign Multiplayer


• auto_eject - Auto Eject

• build_up_nuclear_core - Nuclear Ejection

• dash_recharge

• dead_mans_trigger

• defensive_core

• doomed_time - Survivor

• enhanced_titan_ai

• fast_reload - Fast Autoloader

• hyper_core

• icepick

• longer_bubble - Dome Shield Battery

• marathon_core

• minimap_ai - Minion Detector

• ordnance_pack - Explosive Pack

• power_cell - Power Cell

• run_and_gun

• shield_regen - Regen Booster

• stealth_movement

• titan_punch

• turbo_drop - Warpfall Transmitter

• wall_runner - Enhanced Parkour kit

Beta registration for the first-person shooter game launched on Wednesday. The much-anticipated EA title for Xbox One and the PC will hit store shelves on March 11, followed by the Xbox 360 on March 25. Gamers are excited about developer Respawn’s latest endeavor, and EA predicts the franchise will “be around for a long, long time.” The title is already amassing positive reviews.

“I haven’t been this genuinely giddy after experiencing a much-anticipated game for the first time since E3 2004, when I initially got my hands on Halo 2 multiplayer in CTF matches on Zanzibar,” a reviewer for IGN wrote in August. “You almost never stop moving in ‘Titanfall.’ Ever. You walk, you run, you jump, you double jump, you wall run. You hop in your Titan mech. You dash in your Titan. You do all of those things in a row or in various combinations.”

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