Over 740 million hours have been played on the Xbox One. Courtesy/Microsoft

More than 740 million hours have been spent on the next-gen Xbox One since its launch last November, Microsoft revealed on Feb. 13. The brand also revealed that 2.27 million Xbox One and Xbox 360 games were sold during January, making up 47% of software market sales.

“We are incredibly humbled and proud to see Xbox One continue to be the best launch of an Xbox in our history,” said Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Strategy Yusuf Mehdi. The Xbox One is currently selling 2.29 times faster within a three-month period than its predecessor the Xbox 360 in U.S. markets.

“During the month of January, Xbox held five of the top 10 spots on the console game title list in the U.S.: ‘Battlefield 4,’ ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ (Xbox 360 and Xbox One), ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ and ‘Minecraft.’ Gamers love Xbox and our community has never been more vibrant on the industry-leading Xbox Live service,” Mehdi continued. “Since launch, over 2.6 billion global Gamerscore has been achieved, 165 million global achievements have been unlocked and 130 million global Game DVR clips have been uploaded.”

Mehdi also promised gamers Microsoft was “just getting started,” sharing his excitement for the March 11 release of “Titanfall” for the Xbox One and PC, and March 25 launch for the Xbox 360.

During the Stifel Technology, Internet & Media Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen said he sees “Titanfall” as having long-term potential. “As you can imagine, this will be a franchise that’s around for a long, long time. I think people will be very excited,” he said.

Mehdi also announced the most popular Xbox One apps were Netflix, YouTube, Skype, Xbox Video and Internet Explorer – and over 685 million speech commands have been used to navigate the next-gen system.

“It is an incredible time to be a gamer and in the industry,” Mehdi concluded. “The new generation of consoles are all up and off to an unbelievable start. We’re honored to bring a unique and fresh perspective with Xbox One.”

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