"Titanfall" will launch March 11. Courtesy/Respawn

Respawn is offering a “Titanfall” season pass for the Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360. The pass will be available at participating retailers next Tuesday for the Xbox One and March 25 for the Xbox 360. The season pass for the PC is currently available for the PC.

The pass will cost $24.99. An additional “Titanfall” Digital Deluxe bundle will be available for the PC for Origin PC members at $79.99. The pack will include the game and the season pass.

The season pass will include three planned content packs for the highly anticipated first-person shooter. Each content pack will contain new maps. The “Titanfall” site states the chosen maps and content have yet to be determined and will be announced closer to the March 11 release date.

On Monday, Reddit user FallenFusion was unable to uncover and confirm 15 multiplayer maps, modes and more. Last month, 15 maps were leaked by NeoGAF user RazorUK via Reddit. Thirty-three weapons were also uncovered, according to data taken from "Titanfall's" beta release.

User RazorUK employed a hex decoder to interrogate the code included in “Titanfall’s” PC version beta release -- finding the names of new maps and various weapons. Other NeoGAF users added to the forum post with photos of maps and screenshots. Maps included were Angel City, Fracture, Colony, Airbase, Relic, Corporate, Boneyard, Outpost 207, Rise, Lagoon, Smuggler’s Cove, Nexus, Overlook, O2 and Training Ground. The current beta includes Fracture, Angel City and Training Ground.

FallenFusion discovered that users will also be able to play a multiplayer mode called Pilot Hunter where you hunt down your enemy’s pilots – which translates to battling other players and not their computer-operated assistants.

It was also revealed that players will be able to level up characters – up to “Generation 2” and beyond, allowing users to earn more experience points and earn an exclusive chip.

“Titanfall’s” beta closed on Feb. 19, leaving players buzzing about the game. “While most of our 45-minute experience online was without fault, there is a five-minute chunk where the four of us struggle to get into a Last Titan Standing match,” said GameRant last month. “It’s unclear whether the fault is with the ‘Titanfall’ servers or the Xbox One party system, but whatever the case, something wasn’t working right. Sure, we could have easily edited this portion out for pacing purposes, but it’s important to include the ‘Titanfall’ beta experience, warts and all.”

Excited for "Titanfall's" launch next week? Will you buy the season pass?

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