"Titanfall" sales increased 220 percent in the UK since last week. Courtesy/Respawn

“Titanfall” is now back at the top of UK games charts after the launch of the Xbox 360 version of the first-person shooter hit shelves in the country last week.

The Xbox 360 version of the title was responsible for 71 percent of sales for the game, with 27 percent going to Xbox One versions of “Titanfall” and only one percent on PC.

Overall, the sales of Respawn’s title increased 220 percent from the previous week.

Last Saturday, Respawn announced the first map pack for "Titanfall" will launch in May across all platforms. The downloadable content for the “Expedition” pack will sell for under $10 and give players three new maps.

The game's developer made the announcement over the weekend at PAX East in Boston. The three maps are called “Runoff,” “Swamplands” and “Wargames.”

“Expedition” will be one of three upcoming content packs that will retail for $9.99. A season pass is also available for $24.99. The pass grants users access to all three packs on the Xbox One, PC and Xbox 360.

Respawn founder Vince Zampella stated last month that the game modes will be released at no cost to players. Zampella also said that the game’s upcoming modes will be separate from the premium DLC packs.

Respawn launched an update last week that focused on improving the game’s private match mode. This means players now have a more efficient way to organize matches with friends in tournament or casual play. The beta is now available across all platforms and the developer hopes users will provide helpful feedback.

The update also fixed a number of the bugs, including faulty Pilot health pools and large amounts of bandwidth used when connecting to servers.

The Los Angeles, Calif.-based developer also promised improvements with future updates, including more custom loadout slots and last game summaries.