Congressman Anthony Weiner went silent on Thursday after saying a day earlier he could not say with certitude if the crotch image tweeted from his Twitter account to a young woman last week was his own. He did admit there was a chance that the lewd photo showed his private parts though.

While Weiner remained dubiously vexed about the question if he could identify his own private parts, social networks went into a tizzy analyzing the situation in various angles. Some supported him, others flayed him, and then a third category of people just saw the funny side of the story.

There were witticisms as well as new coinage of words like 'Twimmolate'. James Poniewozik asked in TIME if the controversial photo was Weiener's 'package' or just a 'hackage'. Was Anthony Weiner framed, or did he self-twimmolate? the article asks.

Some said they weren't following Weiner till now, bust would start doing so soon.

The following are samples of some hilarious Anthony Weiner jokes spreading on Twitter, the networking site where he has apparently tied himself up in inner wear fabric.

BorowitzReport: Bill Clinton Blasts Weiner: In my day, we'd show it to 'em in person.

Again from the same tweeter: “Weiner 'Totally Un-smooth with Women,' Says Dominique Strauss-Kahn”

juliethuddy didn't pull a punch before landing this one: Congressman Weiner said he would use all his weight to get to bottom of twitter incident. Seeing photo it wont be much.

And Christian Science Monitor made a nice coinage 'twitter away'. Anthony Weiner: Were his dreams of being mayor just Twittered away?
humorherald says this: Wear Your Cape - Anthony Weiner Legally Changes Last Name to 'NothingToLookAtHere'.

For 'StephanieWDC' Weiner has become hot property after his expose. For my money, Rep Weiner can send me a pic of his junk every day of the week if he continues to legislate like he does, the tweet says.

For some, the political connotations of the moment Weiner lost his pants are hard to miss. Mitt Romney Gets In and It Appears Anthony Weiner Wears Underwear on His Head, posted Erick Erickson.

Another one, from bignels2012: No Pun intended , But Anthony Weiner is only making it hardon himself by lying and should resign NOW!
Some just say Weiner, who has been fumbling about over the crotch photo, now has to give an explanation to his wife.

There are others who blast the media for allegedly blowing up the incident. This whole #Weinergate thing is some kind of elaborate prank on the moronic U.S. media, not on poor Anthony Weiner. Mission accomplished, says Blake Hounshell.