British Parliament Bashes Bob Diamond In LIBOR Report

Bob Diamond
The British parliament criticized former Barclays Plc (London: BARC) CEO Bob Diamond in a report released Saturday, saying that he failed to fully disclose the bank?s illegal practices during testimony on the LIBOR scandal.
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IMF and U.S.

IMF Urges UK To Jumpstart Economy

Britain risks permanent damage to its economy if the government does not adopt fiscal stimulus measures to reverse the country's recession, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned Thursday as it pressed for a reduction in the country's deficits to jumpstart its ailing economy.
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner

Geithner Media Tour Unlikely To Silence LIBOR Critics

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner appeared on a CNBC-sponsored conference Wednesday morning toeing the government's party that the New York Fed is not to blame for helping keep the evolving LIBOR rate-fixing scandal under wraps, even though they knew it was going on since at least 2007.
Jobs bill could harm small businesses

US Small-Business Owners Go Without Pay; UK Helps Its Entrepreneurs

While American politicians such as U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., are pushing to expand federal tax breaks for small businesses, the U.K. government has already announced a move to help early-stage businesses find new means of financing: tax relief for private investors.
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Diamond Denies Gov't Told Barclays To Manipulate Libor Rate

Former Barclays boss Bob Diamond testified Wednesday before the British Parliament's Treasury Select Committee denying that anyone in the British government instructed the bank to manipulate the rate that determines the cost of trillions of dollars worth of loans and derivatives traded worldwide every day.
Barclays plc chief executive Bob Diamond

Ex- Barclays CEO Blames Bank of England for Libor Debacle

The British Parliament, might not be the place one would expect to see fireworks lit on July 4. But that's what's likely to happen Wednesday, when the former CEO of Barclays plc (NYSE:BCS), who resigned Tuesday, is expected to tell the House of Commons its fraud was partly done at the bequest of the Bank of England.

Why Exactly Are Heads Rolling At Barclays? Libor Scandal Explained

Following the revelation last week that British banking giant Barclays was engaging in massive fraud meant to distort the Libor, the interest rate underpinning hundreds of trillions of dollars in credit transactions, politicians and regulators the world over are taking a sober look at the system. What they find may prove to be shocking.
Mervyn King

Bank Of England Cracks Down On Cheating Banks

The Bank of England (BoE) is cracking down on large financial institutions to prevent them from cheating businesses and consumers worldwide -- a practice that has put a $360 trillion global financial market at serious risk for several years.
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Manufacturing Data Tells the Same Story

Advanced readings for German flash PMI came in at 44.7 versus a consensus of 45.2 while the euro zone services came in slightly better than expected at 46.8 versus 46.4
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Britain's Recession Woes Deepen As Exports Slump

Britain's goods trade deficit unexpectedly widened in April as exports plunged, raising the threat of a third quarter of economic contraction and adding urgency to new measures to foster growth as trading partners in the euro zone weaken.


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