An electric car is an alternative fuel automobile that is propeled by electric motors and motor controllers, in place of more common propulsion methods such as the internal combustion engine (ICE). Electric cars are specifically a variety of electric vehicle created or adapted for use on the road. They are commonly powered by on-board battery packs, and as such are battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Other on-board energy storage methods that are expected to come into use in the future include ultracapacitors, fuel cells, and a spinning flywheel which stores kinetic energy.


Why GM Actually Is Getting Its Money's Worth From The Chevy Volt

General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) may be losing money on the Chevy Volt at present, but the long-term benefits of early R&D in electric vehicles, improvements to brand image and improving sales volumes should ultimately make it a wise decision for the company.

GM Calls Spyker's $3B Saab Lawsuit 'Baseless'

General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) talked some smack at Dutch carmaker Spyker N.V. following its Monday announcement that it would sue GM for $3 billion over the bankruptcy of Saab Automobile AB.

Need Some Valtrex? GM Sued for $3 Billion by Spyker Over Saab Bankruptcy

Like a bad case of herpes, the bankrupt Swedish automaker Saab Automobile AB just keeps flaring up in General Motors Company's (NYSE: GM) private dealings. Dutch supercar company Spyker N.V. announced Monday it was suing General Motors for $3 billion in damages on account of alleged interference in a 2011 transaction between Spyker (which owned Saab) and Chinese investor Youngman, a deal which Spyker alleges would have saved Saab if it had been successful.

HOV-Lane Access Drives Electric Car Sales In California

Sales of the Chevrolet Volt Hybrid-Electric Vehicle (HEV) have experienced a resurgence in California following tweaks that now allow the car from General Motors Company (NYSE: GM) to qualify for High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane access.

Saab Sold For One-Third Of What GM Valued It At

Sino-Japanese joint venture National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS) has paid a paltry 1.5 billion to 1.8 billion kronor ($210 to $250 million) for defunct Swedish carmaker Saab Automobile AB.

Chinese BYD Shares Bungee After Fatal Electric Car Crash

Shares of Chinese electric carmaker BYD Company Ltd. (Hong Kong: 1211), which is partially owned by Warren Buffett, recovered some of the losses suffered after one of its e6 electric cars caught fire in a crash which killed three people in southern China.

Why The Ford Focus Electric Will Pace NASCAR's Capital City 400

NASCAR will have its first-ever all-electric pace car at the Sprint Cup Capital City 400 race at the Richmond (Va.) International Raceway on Saturday. All decked out in NASCAR livery will be the 2012 Ford Focus Electric vehicle that the Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) unveiled on video this week.

2012 Ford Focus Electric Review: Silent, Quick and Efficient

Ford Motor Co. trotted-out some brand, spanking new 2012 Ford Focus Electric cars in New York on Tuesday for a first round of test driving, and the new electric car certainly seems to meet Ford's twin goals of high fuel-economy with a positive driving experience.


A Tesla Model S drives in the snow.

After Cold Weather Testing, Tesla Brings Model S to Oslo [VIDEO]

Electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors Inc. is charging into Norway after some cold weather testing with the Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model S and will open a new showroom is Oslo, the company announced Wednesday, all as part of plan to expand its Norwegian customer base.
New York Auto Show 2012

From The Bugatti To The Terrafugia 'Transition,' Photos Of The Hottest Cars At The 2012 New York Auto Show

A $1.9 million car, an eco-friendly Batomobile and a flying car all sat under one roof at the 2012 New York International Auto Show. The NY Auto Show kicked off on Wednesday at with brands like Maserati, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Infiniti, Land Rover and more showing off their up-and-coming vehicles for 2013 as well as concept cars that some might not even dream could exist. Here are some of the hottest cars of the event.
Fisker Atlantic

Fisker's Latest Model Stalled After Energy Dept Pulls Loan

Luxury electric vehicle company Fisker Automotive unveiled its newest model, the Atlantic, Tuesday night at the New York Auto Show, but the car may not hit the streets without a second cash-injection, the company's chief executive Tom LaSorda said.
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EU, US, Japan Launch Rare Earth WTO Case Against China

The European Union, United States and Japan formally asked the World Trade Organization on Tuesday to settle a dispute with China over Beijing's restriction on exports of raw materials, including rare earth elements critical to major industries.