Nigeria oil subsidy fraud

Nigeria: Oil, Poverty, and an 'Ungodly Mess'

Thanks to expansive oil fields and a reservoir of millions of barrels of crude, Nigeria is the third-richest country in Africa. But due to corruption, poor wealth distribution, and lack of infrastructure, the nation's people suffer from staggering rates of poverty.
People stand in front of a police headquarters after a bomb attack in Nigeria's northern city of Kano January 21, 2012.

Boko Haram Islamist Insurgents to Continue Attacks in Nigeria: Report

Islamist sect Boko Haram, whose attacks have killed hundreds in oil-rich Nigeria, will continue its campaign until the country is ruled by sharia law, a senior member was quoted as saying on Saturday: We have our sights set on [bringing sharia to] the whole world, not just Nigeria.
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Boko Haram

Nigerian President: Boko Haram is Everywhere

As Boko Haram and the unrest in Nigeria intensifies, African newspapers this week have run stories with headlines likes Nigeria: Worse Than We Thought, Boko Haram: Enough is Enough, Nigeria: A ticking time bomb and Nigeria: Armed and dangerous.
Occupy Nigeria Prostests

'Occupy Nigeria' Protest: Photos and Video of Latest Unrest

A day of protests in Nigeria is coming to a close, but the nationwide unrest is far from over as protestors assume the Occupy moniker in an effort to re-instate a fuel subsidy and to show their distaste for President Goodluck Jonathan's government.
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Gunmen Kill 6, Wound 10 in Nigeria Church Attack

Gunmen opened fire on a church service in Nigeria Thursday, killing six people and wounding 10, the church's pastor said, the latest in a string of attacks that has raised fears of sectarian conflict in Africa's most populous nation.


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