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Gingrich Continues Quest for Relevance After a Solitary Super Tuesday Win

Despite efforts to sweep the South and revive his campaign, Georgia was the only state Newt Gingrich managed to win on Super Tuesday. Even so, the ex-House speaker made it clear he isn't going anywhere. Comparing himself to the race-winning tortoise from the famous children's fable, Gingrich said, I just take one step at a time.

Civil Libertarians Slam McCain Cybersecurity Bill

A cybersecurity bill introduced by Republican Senator John McCain could dramatically expand the domestic reach of U.S. intelligence agencies and potentially give them massive troves of emails, civil liberties advocates said.

Romney Closes in on Santorum in Ohio Poll

Mitt Romney closed in on Rick Santorum in Ohio and picked up a crucial endorsement in Virginia on Sunday as he grows in strength ahead of Super Tuesday, the biggest day yet in the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.

IRS Software Glitch Delays Some Tax Refunds

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service's new software system for handling electronic tax returns has experienced problems during the tax filing season, angering some taxpayers whose refunds have been delayed.

Senate Rejects 'Conscience Exemption' for Health Coverage

The Senate narrowly backed a key plank of President Barack Obama's healthcare reform Thursday by rejecting a sweeping Republican measure that would have allowed employers to opt out of birth control coverage and other medical services on moral grounds.

Stock Futures Rise Ahead of Jobless Claims

Stock index futures edged higher on Thursday as investors looked ahead to economic data that could reinforce recent signs of improved growth after Wall Street finished February with healthy gains.

Romney's 41% Is 'Enough' for Michigan; Big Tally in Arizona

Mitt Romney scored victories in both of Tuesday's Republican primarie in Michigan -- his native state -- and Arizona. The wins reposition the former Massachusetts governor as his party's front-runner and could prompt a rethink of rival Rick Santorum's candidacy

FCC Urges Internet Companies to Safeguard Web

Internet service providers need to work harder to prevent hacks, data theft and other fraud, including contacting customers whose infected computers have been hijacked by organized crime and helping them clean out viruses, the head of the Federal Communications Commission said on Wednesday.