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Romney Exhibits Political Savvy In Rejecting Obama-Wright Attack Ad

Mitt Romney?s rejection of a Super-Pac?s proposed anti-Obama campaign featuring Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the president?s former pastor, demonstrates that Romney has more political sense than the Super-Pac?s big daddy, Joe Ricketts, a longtime conservative donor and founder of TD Ameritrade.

On Cinco De Mayo, Obama Vows Action On DREAM Act

Seeking to reassure a Hispanic constituency that has grown disillusioned with some of his policies, President Obama reiterated his support for the DREAM Act during a Cinco de Mayo address, and blamed Republicans for obstructing immigration reform.

Tennessee Passes Gateway Sexual Activity Bill May Criminalize Handholding In School

Tennessee's House of Representatives has passed a bill updating the state's abstinence-based sex education law to specifically aim at the prevention of gateway sexual activity. Senate Bill 3310 defines gateway sexual activity as sexual contact encouraging an individual to engage in a non-abstinent behavior, though the term sexual contact is not defined in the bill.

US House Votes To Extend Low Student Loan Rates

The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives defied a veto threat by President Barack Obama on Friday and voted to take money from his healthcare overhaul to pay for an extension of low-interest federal student loans.

Nigerian Fuel Subsidy Fund 'Defrauded' Of $6 Billion

The fuel sector probe -- which will be discussed in a live televised parliamentary session -- uncovered a litany of abuses, including allegations that fifteen oil importers collected more than $300 million without delivering a single drop of oil.

House Committee Votes To Defund Key Part Of Dodd-Frank

Republicans in the House of Representatives on Wednesday advanced a proposal to repeal a major section of the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial oversight law as part of a broader deficit reduction effort, a move Democrats derided as a misguided budget gimmick.