Intellectual Property Law

Huawei Wins Bid To Stop Motorola-NSN Deal

Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei won a partial victory in its fight to block Motorola's $1.2 billion sale of assets to Nokia Siemens Networks, as the court granted an order to stop the transfer of Huawei's intellectual property.

Huawei sues to alter Motorola-Nokia Siemens deal

China's Huawei Technologies Co Ltd has gone to court to force Motorola to alter the terms of a unit sale to Nokia Siemens Networks to prevent the transfer of proprietary Huawei information to NSN.

iPad Hackers Could Have Tough Case Ahead

The two hackers arrested in connection with hacking into AT&T's database of iPad 3G email addresses will have a tough time proving they weren't acting maliciously, according ot a least one legal expert.

PS3 Hacker Fights Sony Court Order

The hacker who published a jailbreak for the Sony PS3 is fighting back with his own lawyer's objections to the restraining order Sony is seeking.

Howrey struggling with European IP practice

Howrey is struggling with its European intellectual property (IP) practice following the departure of its London-based managing partner Mark Hodgson, who has joined Field Fisher Waterhouse.

Top Nixon Peabody lawyers desert firm for rival LeClairRyan

Richmond, Va.-based law firm LeClairRyan has poached on at least 15 Nixon Peabody lawyers, including 5 partners, who will focus on expand upon the firm's capabilities in intellectual property, bankruptcy and commercial litigation practices in the newly established Rochester, N.Y. office.

Sony Sues LG Over Phone Patents

Sony Corp. has filed a patent suit against LG Electronics, seeking to stop its import of mobile phones to the US. It is the latest in a series of patent complaints that have plagued the technology industry.

Viacom Appeals YouTube Ruling On Copyrights

Viacom is taking the fight over copyrights to the U.S. Court of Appeals of the Second Circuit, appealing the decision that spared YouTube - and its parent company, Google - from a hefty judgment.

Givenchy files suit against BCBG

Givenchy has filed a federal lawsuit against BCBG in California district alleging that their Nightingale bag has been copied and sold by BCBG as their Rembrandt bag, which results in trade infringement. The Givenchchy bag retailed for $2,175 whereas BCBG sold their bag for $118.