Intellectual Property Law

LimeWire Sued for $75 Trillion

Record company attorneys cite thousands of copyright infringements caused by LimeWire users, but the court is less sympathetic.

New Patent Law Won't Curb Tech Lawsuits

Congress is preparing to pass the first major changes to patent law in more than a half a century, but some experts say it may not make much difference in the spate of technology company lawsuits.

U.S. Supreme Court will settle recopyright law debate

The U.S. Supreme Court has admitted a petition for writ of certiorari filed by a music professor of University of Denver, who has challenged a 1994 recopyright law that removed thousands of foreign works from the public domain and gave them copyright protection.

Sony Stops One Hacker, But Others Appear

Sony Computer Entertainment America won a preliminary injunction against a hacker who publicized a method for allowing Playstation 3 consoles to install non-Sony operating systems. But others might still tinker with their machines.

Lawsuit accuses Google of stealing trade secrets

NEW YORK, Feb 14 - Technology communications company VoIP Inc sued Google Inc. in New York Supreme Court on Monday, accusing the Internet giant of stealing its trade secrets related to online voice technology.

MPAA warns Google on infringement notices

Google stands the risk of being disconnected from its primary source of bread and butter, the internet, if there is any bite to Motion Picture Association of America's (MPAA) warning that chides Google for copyright infringement.

Wi-LAN reports more deals, expects to avoid court

Wi-LAN has reached settlements with six companies in a wireless patent dispute and expects to reach deals with six others involved in the case before the February 2 trial date, the patent-licensing company said on Monday.

Exclusive: U.S. asks about search fairness in Google/ITA

The U.S. Justice Department's review of Google Inc's planned acquisition of airline ticketing software company ITA Software is focusing on making sure ITA's products remain available, even to Google's rivals, according to a source close to the deal.

Mylan, Pfizer settle patent disputes over Lipitor, Caduet

U.S. generic drug maker Mylan Inc has settled two U.S. patent disputes with global pharma giant Pfizer Inc, which will enable the former to sell the generic versions of cholesterol drug Lipitor and combination blood pressure and cholesterol treatment Caduet.