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OTC Herbal Supplement Rutin Blocks Blood Clot Formation: Study

Rutin -- a compound that occurs naturally in a number of fruits and vegetables and is sold as an herbal supplement -- has a number of anti-clotting properties, meaning that it holds promise as a treatment for conditions like stroke and pulmonary embolism caused by dangerous blood clots.

Israel Cancels Early Elections; Opposition To Join Government

In an unexpected development, Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu Tuesday called off early general elections hours after announcing his decision to hold polls on Sept. 4, almost a year earlier than it was originally scheduled. Israeli President Shimon Peres' office has confirmed the cancellation of the elections.

Oil Prices Fall After French, Greek Elections

Oil prices fell Monday to add to the sharp decline in the previous session as French and Greek election results raised doubts about those countries' commitment to the austerity measures to sort out Eurozone debt crisis.
12. Turkey

A Kurdish Majority In Turkey Within One Generation?

Since the 1990s, Turkey?s fertility rate has steadily declined, due to, among other factors, rising household incomes, expanded access to higher education for women and increased birth control practices.


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