Palestinian Prisoners Stage Hunger Strike In Israel

Palestinians take part in a rally in Gaza.
1,200 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails have gone on a hunger strike on Tuesday, National Prisoner's Day, to protest Israel's practice of administrative detention and the intolerable treatment in Israeli jails.
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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Iran Nuclear Talks Off To 'Completely Different' Start

Months of saber rattling and diplomatic tension between Iran and the rest of the world have led to Saturday's nuclear talks, the first attempt at such negotiations since the last round fell apart 15 months ago. On Saturday, though, an unnamed diplomat told Reuters that the multilateral talks began with a completely different atmosphere than had occurred in previous meeting in early 2011.
black cats!

Friday The 13th: Origins And Superstitions Behind The Unlucky Day

Friday the 13th is a day that people associate with bad luck. The day strikes three times a year, those being Jan. 13, April 13 and July 13. The spooky part of those three days? They are each 13 weeks apart. So how did approximately 21 million people start to fear Friday the 13th?
Supermodels Without Photoshop

Supermodels Without Photoshop: Israel’s ‘Photoshop Law’ Puts Focus On Digitally Altered Images [PHOTOS]

Supermodels without Photoshop might sound like an oxymoron. After all, Photoshop and other digital-alteration software have become commonplace in modern society. Photoshop is used by the advertising and mass media industries to sell something that, oftentimes, does not exist in reality. Recent legislation, as well as controversial issues in pop culture, has put the spotlight on digitally altered images and the impact they have on viewers.
Egypt elections

Egypt Presidential Elections: 5 Leading Candidates

The candidates for Egypt's first free presidential elections in decades are set, the deadline having expired at 2 p.m. Cairo time on Sunday, and the final list is a microcosm of the current political and social divisions in post-revolution Egypt.

New Round Of Iran Nuclear Talks To Target Enrichment

The United States and its allies are pressing for an end to Iran's high-level uranium enrichment and the closure of a facility built deep under a mountain as talks on Tehran's nuclear standoff with the West resume this week.
What Is Passover? The Seder Plate Is An Important Passover Tradition

What Is Passover? Jewish Holiday History And Rules

The Jewish holiday of Passover takes place each Spring based on the Hebrew Calendar and lasts eight days (seven if you are in Israel). The focal point of the holiday is the Seder(s) [translation:order, arrangement] which takes place on the first two nights of the holiday, but Passover extends for an entire week. Keep reading to learn the holiday's history and how to observe Passover at home.
France Islamists

France: 10 More Islamists Arrested In Raids

French police arrested 10 more suspected Islamic radicals during pre-dawn raids across the country on Wednesday, marking the second such day of mass arrests in less than a week.


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