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Gaza Oil Crisis

Egyptian Fuel To Ease Gaza Energy Crisis

On Friday, Israel allowed nine Egyptian tankers carrying nearly half a million liters of industrial fuel to pass through the Kerem Shalom border crossing and into Gaza, enough to run the plant for about a day.

Israel Set Up For Jews Under Threat: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the nation was founded as a haven for Jews whose lives were under threat, during his Thursday's meeting with families of the victims of the Jewish school shooting in the French city of Toulouse.
Buranovskiye Babushki: Russian Grannies To Compete In 2012 Eurovision Contest

Buranovskiye Babushki: Russian Grannies To Compete In Eurovision 2012 [VIDEO]

Although the Russian people seem to be having some trouble choosing a national leader, they had little trouble deciding to send Buranovskiye Babushki to Azerbaijan to compete in the 2012 Eurovision song contest with their dance-hall hit single Party For Everybody. Buranavoskiye Babushki, is made up of eight Russian grandmothers, though only six will be allowed to compete according to Eurovision rules.
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Israel Clears Out Embassy In Cairo

Israel is emptying the contents of its embassy in Cairo, officials on both sides confirmed, suggesting strained diplomatic relations between the two nations since the ouster of Hosni Mubarak's regime.
Rising Gas Prices

5 Ways Rising Gas Prices Will Affect You

High oil prices affect politics, schools, jobs, public budgets and almost every industry. But current pressures could be augmented if war breaks out between Israel or the United States and Iran, with the result being a costly disruption in global supply.


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