Korean tensions

Tensions between North and South Korea are escalating after the South officially accused the North of sinking one of its naval vessels. Seoul is convinced that North Korea torpedoed the South Korean warship Cheonan in March, and along with the United States and Japanhas urged Beijing to join international denunciation of the sinking, which killed 46 sailors. The North has denied the allegations, and both sides have cut economic ties with each-other.

South Korea names date for powwow with North

South Korea today proposed a time and place to meet with North Korea, following an agreement the nations reached last week to resume talks. The meeting is projected to take place on Feb. 11 in the Demilitarized Zone that separates the two nations.

S. Korea waves olive branch

South Korean President Lee Myung-bak was forceful, even bellicose, in speaking about North Korea on Monday. But on Wednesday, Lee struck a conciliatory note, expressing a desire for dialogue with his country's difficult neighbor to the north

Obama urges Hu to pressure North Korea

President Barack Obama on Monday urged Chinese President Hu Jintao to join the United States in denouncing North Korea's latest deadly military skirmish with South Korea and the North's pursuit of nuclear development. it marked the first time the leaders have spoken since a November 22 incident left four South Korean soldiers dead.

China to make 'urgent' announcement on Korean tension, drills

Beijing is set to make an 'urgent' announcement on Sunday afternoon in the wake of US-south Korea military drills in the Yellow Sea. The Chinese government had earlier warned both countries that the military activity in the region could escalate tensions.

Focus shifts to China to gauge impact of North Korean attacks

A day after North Korea's artillery attack on the South Korean island, the U.S. decided to send the aircraft carrier George Washington and a number of accompanying ships into the region for joint exercises besides sounding China, the sole ally of Pyongyang, to restrain Pyongyang from further attacks.

South Korea fired first: North

North Korea said that it was South Korea which fired first and they had to fire in retaliation. The South Korean enemy, despite our repeated warnings, committed reckless military provocations of firing artillery shells into our maritime territory near Yeonpyeong island beginning 1pm (1500 AEDT), the AFP quoted a statement from the North's military supreme command.

Two South Korean soldiers killed, civilians injured in North's artillery attack

At least two South Korean soldiers have been killed and 14 others are injured in the North's shelling, according to South Korean media reports. The ministry of defense in Seoul is yet to confirm the reports and causalities on the other side remain unknown. Tensions are escalating in the region as fighter jets have been deployed on the South Korean side of the border for retaliatory action.

South Korea to consider 'redeploying US tactical weapons'

South Korea is considering redeploying U.S. tactical weapons in the country in response to North's fresh nuclear activity. Defense minister Kim Tae-young suggested that the plan could be proposed to Washington at the Extended Deterrence Policy Committee meeting scheduled for next month.