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Watch The 2012 GOP Convention Here Via Free Live Stream

The 2012 Republican National Convention is this week, and if you can't be in Tampa, Florida, for the festivities, you can follow along by watching on TV, or you can watch via the free live stream we have posted here for your convenience.

A Podium As Bait-And-Switch: Chris Christie’s Moment As GOP Convention Keynote Speaker

Chris Christie will deliver the keynote address in two weeks at the Republican National Convention. Many consider the primo speaking a launching point into national prominence. But Christie already garnered attention. So why did the Republican National Committee pick him? The answer may lie in the 2004 Democratic National Convention. And the results may not bode well for Mitt Romney.

Candy Crowley Will Be First Female Debate Moderator In 20 Years; Is it Too Little Too Late?

Candy Crowley, anchor of CNN’s “State of the Union,” will be the first woman to moderate a Presidential debate in 20 years, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced Monday morning. PBS’s Jim Lehrer, and CBS’s Bob Schieffer will also be moderating the three debates with Crowley, while Martha Raddatz from ABC will moderate the vice presidential debate.

Joe Kubert, Comic Artist And Legend, Dead At 85

Joe Kubert, legendary comic artist, has passed away at age 85, reports Kubert, the winner of multiple awards including the prestigious Harvey and Eisner awards, would have been 86 in three weeks.

The Bald Truth: How Nazi Skinheads Co-Opted A Youth Subculture

Wade Michael Page, the 40-year-old alleged killer, had been involved with white-supremacist hate groups for at least a decade. His arms and torso were swaddled with tattoos, many containing racist and neo-Nazi symbolism. He played bass in a white-power hardcore band called End Apathy. He was angry, frustrated, disillusioned. He was also a skinhead -- but that almost goes without saying.