New Jersey

Health Care Supreme Court Decision: Shares of Medicaid MCOs Soar

The Supreme Court health care decision confirming the constitutionality of the president's signature legislative achievement and expanding insurance to millions of low-income Americans under Medicaid will provide a large influx of new customers and notable revenue opportunity for Medicaid-focused managed-care organizations (MCOs).

Little League Player Lawsuit: 11-Year-Old Matthew Migliaccio Sued For $150,000 For Hitting Spectator Elizabeth Lloyd With Baseball

New Jersey woman Elizabeth Lloyd filed a lawsuit for more than $150,000 after an 11-year-old baseball player hit her with a ball during a Manchester Little League game two years ago. Lloyd was sitting at a picnic table near a bullpen which had a fence when she was hit in the face with a ball by the catcher, then 11-year-old Matthew Migliaccio. She is seeking $150,000 in damages for medical expenses and an undefined amount for pain and suffering.

Gue$$ What'$ In $tore For Romney Thi$ Weekend?

Some of the most important Republican Party stalwarts and alms-givers are gearing up for Mitt Romney's three-day retreat this weekend at Deer Valley Resort, 38 miles east of Salt Lake City, Utah.

'Facecrook' Site Launched To Catch Bergen County Fugitives [PHOTO]

Don't expect fugitives in Bergen County, N.J., to like the county sheriff office's Facecrook site set up to apprehend them. The Facecrook site is the brainchild of Bergen County Sheriff Office Inspector Mickey Bradley, who told the Bergen Record that he believes Facecrook is the first site of its kind in the country. Bradley bought the domain,, for $17 about a year ago.

Why Companies Are Racing To Cut Earnings Forecasts

Expectations for U.S. company earnings are on a slippery slope down Wall Street. While the downward slide in estimates highlights the caution analysts and companies are expressing, investors should also be aware that companies are setting lower goals so that they can look better or be able to ?beat estimates? when the results come out.

Mitt Romney's Wawa Gaffe: Is He Out Of Touch? [VIDEO]

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was blown away by the sandwiches at WaWas, repeatedly mispronouncing the Pennsylvania-based supermarket chain's name as he recounted his first time visiting a WaWa during a campaign stop in Cornwall, Pa. Is the former Massachusetts governor out of touch?

'That's My Boy' Movie Review Roundup: Critics Pile On Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg

Adam Sandler was once the epicenter of the comedy universe, but about 15 years after his heyday (e.g., Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore, arguably his two greatest hits), Sandler's grip on the funny bone in today's youth has loosened considerably. Sandler attempts to pass the comedy torch in That's My Boy, in which the New York-born star and former SNL comic shares the spotlight with fellow Jewish comic Andy Samberg, SNL's current an up-and-comer, as the two pla...

What 'Goodfellas' Got Wrong

Goodfellas was the greatest gangster movie ever made, but it took a lot of creative license when it came to its characters.

Supply Chain Theft A Growing Problem For Retailers

Here's a window into how low the bad guys will stoop to steal retail inventory: Last week in California, 1,600 pounds of premium dog food, a $10,000 cargo on its way to feed animals at a local pet rescue facility, was stolen.