• The hazard involves the bottle and pacifier accessories in the sets
  • They may reportedly pose a choking hazard to children
  • "(T)his recall should have happened sooner," CPSC Commissioner Peter A. Feldman said

Millions of Calico Critters sets and figures sold with particular accessories are being recalled over a choking hazard. This comes after the deaths of two children.

The sets and figures affected by the recall are the ones with the bottle and pacifier accessories, according to the announcement on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website.

Calico Critters is a line of toys composed of miniature animals with accessories such as furniture, homes and accessories. The bottle and pacifier accessories that came with certain sets are said to pose choking hazards to children.

So far, the company, Epoch Everlasting Play, knows of three incidents involving the pacifier accessory. Two of them were fatal — one that killed a 2-year-old in New Mexico in 2015 and another in Japan in 2015 wherein a 9-month-old died.

Those who are in possession of the recalled products are being advised to put the pacifier and bottle accessories away from children. They may then contact the company to participate in the recall.

"We will provide you with a free replacement accessory following receipt of your contact information and uploaded photo showing destruction of the recalled bottle and/or pacifier accessory," the company noted. "We will send one replacement accessory for each destroyed recalled accessory."

They should then dispose of the destroyed accessories.

As mentioned, the recall affects "all" the animal figures and sets that were sold with the bottle and pacifier accessories. They include quite a few units such as the Sandy Cat Twins, the Hazelnut Chipmunk Twins, the Adventure Treehouse Gift and Jess & Noah's Backyard Fun among others.

The full list, which includes the item numbers to look for at the bottom of the packaging, is available on both the CPSC and Epoch Everlasting Play websites.

The bottles come in yellow, pink, blue and orange, with one style having two yellow handles. Meanwhile, the pacifier accessories come in yellow, orange, pink, dark pink, blue and teal. The products were sold at various stores nationwide including at Walmart and Meijer. They were also sold on the Calico Critters website as well as on Amazon.

A total of 3.2 million units are affected by the recall, the CPSC announcement noted. In Canada, where the recall is also being enforced, 248,069 units of the product are affected. There have been no reports of incidents or injuries in the country.

Customers may find the recall request form on the company's website. Those with questions may contact Epoch Everlasting Play at 800-631-1272.

In a statement, CPSC Commissioner Peter A. Feldman noted that the recall should only be the first step toward safety.

Feldman has apparently been rallying "for years" for the Commission to make a move regarding such flocked toys — the type of toys that have a velvet- or suede-like coating on them. In a May 2021 statement, for instance, he noted that "the Commission can, and should, act now" to address the hazard of such flocked toys and their accessories.

"As I have stated on several occasions, I believe this recall should have happened sooner," Feldman said in his current statement. "For too long, CPSC dragged its feet on robust enforcement with respect to the recalled products and the choking hazard they present, unnecessarily placing lives at risk. I hope today's action offers some solace to the families who lost children to these products."

Representation. A child playing with toys. FeeLoona/Pixabay