• Inter Milan is hoping that Alexis Sanchez will agree to lower his salary requirements, a report said
  • Inter is open to a permanent deal for Sanchez but at a lower rate
  • Sanchez faces an uncertain future if he returns to Old Trafford

Inter Milan wants to keep Alexis Sanchez, and the only way to achieve that is through a permanent transfer. Manchester United is no longer open to loaning the Chilean player, announcing it will only entertain a move through a permanent sale. Inter Milan remains interested in his services but has requested for a lower weekly wage.

Sanchez is earning a hefty £500,000 ($639,000) a week in wages from United but has played this season on loan in Serie A. Inter is paying only about £4.5 million ($5.7 million) of his annual salary to the Red Devils. Nerazzurri is open to absorbing Sanchez but needs him to lower his weekly pay, Sky Sports Italia reported.

Sanchez has two years left in his current deal with United and is bound to be offered to other clubs this summer. Inter remains the club most likely to take him in, but it is wary of the financial investment on the Chilean football player. Sanchez is expected to return to Old Trafford after the final games of Nerazzurri on Aug. 2.

United is reportedly no longer interested in extending loan deals for Sanchez and Chris Smalling, who currently plays as a center-back for Serie A club Roma. The move is believed to be for two reasons, one being that United needs to raise funds in their pursuit of Jadon Sancho of Borussia Dortmund.

The other reason is seen to be tactical. United may face Roma in the round of 16-legged ties semi-final. Looking beyond that, Inter could be its opponent in the final.

Hence, it all boils down now to Sanchez being willing to earn less to continue playing for Inter. It is something he needs to seriously think about, considering he is unlikely to get good chances of playing once he returns to Old Trafford. So far, the interest from other clubs has not been that high.

Sanchez has been doing great for Inter since the football restart, something that has got Nerazzurri management pondering on a permanent deal. But like other clubs hit hard by financial issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it lacks the budget to accommodate hefty-salaried players.

Alexis Sanchez - chopping wood
Alexis Sanchez - chopping wood AFP / Miguel MEDINA