Located many miles away from famous Spanish destinations, an abandoned village in the country may not be a tourist hotspot. But Esco could be an exception.

Esco was once a thriving village in Aragon in northeastern Spain until the construction of Yesa dam across the nearby Aragon river in 1959.

The Aragonese community, dating back over 700 years, was forced to abandon the village after their agricultural lands were submerged in water following the construction of the dam, reports Reuters.

Higher demands for irrigation and drinking water have led to discussions over heightening the dam since the 1970s.

However, locals in the nearby areas are protesting a proposed enlargement of the barrier, which was inaugurated in 1960 by General Francisco Franco, fearing that what happened to Esco will happen to their villages too.

See below the pictures of the abandoned village of Esco, where passersby stop occasionally to visit the ruins of houses.