obama kiss
Obama was the victim of a photobomb on Tuesday when two students in Florida were busted kissing in the background of a photo op with the president. Courtesy of Barack Obama

This week, President Obama finds himself front and center (literally) in a steamy love scandal that’s rocking the nation.

Innocuously enough, the commander in chief and his motorcade were passing by the Daughter of Zion Junior School in Delray Beach, Fla., after a previous engagement at the Delray Beach Tennis Center.

As the motorcade passed by, Obama and his cavalry were spotted by a group of young, adorable Daughter of Zion students. Right as Mr. Obama approached, the students readied their attack: a cutesy mix of jumping, clapping, frolicking and whatever else excited young children do when a famous person in a bulletproof vehicle passes by.

Obama, touched by the students’ exuberance, decided to stop his car and thank the cheery faces for their support. Then, you know, because he’s trying to win an election, he wisely took a few pictures with the children. What an ill-fated decision that would be …

You see, two students in the back row of the President’s photo op just couldn’t leave each other well enough alone -- they were two star-crossed lovers in the truest sense of the phrase.

The louche young boy proceeded to express his love for his (consenting?) young female companion by laying a fat kiss on her cheek. Granted, the boy’s female partner looks wildly uninterested in the whole tryst, but we can’t help but acknowledge the immeasurable charm that the young Casanova must possess.

Still, the Obama administration took the photo of the young lothario in stride, posting it on the President’s Twitter account.