twitter periscope
Twitter reports its second-quarter earnings Tuesday. Twitter interim CEO Jack Dorsey will read prepared notes and take questions from the company's live-streaming app Periscope. Bloomberg/Getty Images

Twitter's interim CEO, Jack Dorsey, is shaking up Wall Street customs. The co-founder of Twitter will present his company's second-quarter earnings report not only on the traditional conference call, but also through the network's live-streaming video app Periscope.

Dorsey made the announcement on Twitter at 1:39 p.m. EDT Tuesday and encouraged people to download the Periscope app and listen in. The company previously boasted that the app received 1 million downloads within the first 10 days of its April release. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has yet to release complete user numbers, but it may be one of the talking points during Tuesday's report. The call will also be accessible to investors from the traditional site link:

Those interested in the call can also tweet questions at the company using the hashtag #TWTRearnings. While Twitter hashtags have not typically generated the most positive comments -- take politicians, for example -- the move is an interesting play to engage its investors and users on how the tool can actually be used. It perhaps may even be a way the company could further explain how it can be used during live events, as Twitter previously revealed a new curation initiative called Project Lightning.

The use of Periscope will also provide investors insight into how Twitter's new products can be engaged by a wide variety of parties -- not only politicians and entertainers, but corporate executives like Dorsey himself. This earnings report is key for Dorsey, whose company has repeatedly failed to meet the expectations set by Wall Street while the stock price has yet to recover from the last earnings call, in April. Additionally, Twitter is currently looking for a new chief executive and facing rumors of an acquisition.

Twitter's earnings call begins at 5 p.m. EDT on Tuesday. At the time of Dorsey's announcement, the stock was up by 4 percent.