As consumers are faced with empty store shelves at retailers, Twitter lit up with the hashtags "#EmptyShelvesJoe" and "#BareShelvesBiden" as some mocked President Joe Biden over the supply chain woes that are plaguing the country.

On Thursday, #EmptyShelvesJoe was trending on Twitter, with some social media users slamming Biden for the lack of stock in stores that has also caused prices to skyrocket on many products. The shortages are fueled by a shipping backlog that sees shipping containers lined up in ports waiting to dock, the New York Post reported.

One Twitter user posted a photo of empty spots where products used to appear in a store.

By Friday, the hashtag #BareShelvesBiden was trending as more Twitter users were again crying foul over the vacant shelves in stores.

One social media user using the #BareShelvesBiden hashtag wanted to know, “Where’s the beef?” showing an empty meat department.

And another user posted barren shelves that they claimed were recently stocked.

Another Twitter user showed a paint store with virtually no supplies.

According to the New York Post, there are dozens of container ships jammed up near the Los Angeles port that have been waiting for more than a month to dock and unload their goods, which is threatening to derail holiday deliveries.

Compounding the issue is a shortage of truck drivers to distribute the goods across the country and get them into retail stores.

To try and alleviate the bottleneck, the Biden administration announced on Wednesday that the Port of Los Angeles would begin operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Near-empty shelves of toilet paper in a Melbourne supermarket
Near-empty shelves of toilet paper in a Melbourne supermarket. The U.S. may see a replay of 2020's toilet paper shortage as demand has increased and manufacturers work to ramp up production. AFP / William WEST