Edward Snowden, he of NSA's Most Wanted status and still hiding in Hong Kong, dared to take to the Internet today to field any and all questions on the Guardian's website coming at him via Twitter and the Guardian's comments sections. How did Twitter react? Let's wade into the refuse and find out.

Some people were dissatisfied with Snowden’s responses, and/or his seeming avoidance of their questions.





Others chose to make fun of the NSA and other institutions Snowden had implicated in the spying scandals:





Some people admired his audacity to show his digital-face in digital-public, and offered their support, sort of.














There were the usual Internet shenanigans.














This person decided to pen some fan fiction.








Lots of people took the opportunity to simply diss him.




































One brave soul decided this was all an exercise in futility anyway.






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