A Burger King worker took to social media to show his appreciation for a gift that was given to him by the fast-food chain after more than 20 years of hard work.

But users on Twitter responded with some harsh criticism for the company after they saw what it gave him.

The employee said he had worked at Burger King for 27 years without missing a day of work and had received a goodie bag from the company as a show of appreciation. Inside the bag were a single movie ticket, a bag of Reese’s Pieces, a Starbucks cup, two rolls of Lifesavers, a lanyard, two pens, and a couple of keychains.

In his video, the employee was humbled by the gift, saying that "loyalty pays off," thanking Burger King multiple times for the gift.

But users on Twitter had other ideas about the appreciation present and took to the social media platform to show their frustration with the burger chain for giving the worker what they claimed was an undervalued gift for someone who had put in so much time with the company.

One Twitter user called out Burger King by saying, “This is all y’all could do for this man” while another felt for the worker, posting, “all that for 27 years?”

Others were in disbelief that was all Burger King gave the worker after so many years of loyalty.

And others compare the gift to “intern goodie bags.”

Still, another criticizer slammed Burger King by saying, “they should’ve gave you your own burger king!!”

One Twitter user even had an idea for what Burger King should have given the worker.

While it was unclear if the gift came directly from Burger King, some users on Twitter pointed out that that goodie bag was logoed as HMSHost - a food and beverage service provider at airports that partners with many restaurant brands such as Burger King, Starbucks, and Shake Shack.

A Burger King logo is seen outside a restaurant in Moscow
A Burger King logo is seen outside a restaurant in Moscow, Russia June 3, 2022. Reuters/EVGENIA NOVOZHENINA