• Sergio Ramos was impressed with Conor McGregor's soccer skills
  • Ramos invited McGregor to join Real Madrid for a training session
  • The retired professional mixed martial artist said he would be "honored" to join them the next time he is in Madrid

Conor McGregor showed off his hidden talent in soccer after his retirement from mixed martial arts action. Known for venturing into other sports, the former UFC champion earned himself an invitation to a Real Madrid training session following his display.

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos recently shared a clip of McGregor playing the sport on Twitter, appearing impressed. In the video, McGregor showed some of his soccer skills before scoring a goal. The 32-year-old capped that with his familiar strut celebration.

After Ramos posted the video, McGregor asked the Real Madrid captain via Instagram for his thoughts, sharing more clips of him playing soccer. In response, Ramos heaped praises on McGregor's performance and extended an invite to the Irishman to join Los Blancos in training.

"Top class, mate! Fancy a training session at Real Madrid? More than welcome to join us anytime," Ramos replied.

McGregor seemed open to the idea, telling Ramos he would join them the next time he is in Madrid.

"My brother, thank you! The next time I am in Madrid I would be honoured," he replied.

McGregor has played soccer before, though the team he was following was Manchester United. He made the revelation during a Q&A session with

"Throughout my youth, I was big into football. I played striker or midfielder," McGregor said. "If you were to sum me up as a player, I was efficient, devastating and slick – similar to my fighting style. Skills learned at this youthful age playing football – teamwork, leadership, commitment, dedication and discipline – without a doubt transferred over into my combat sports vocation."

The Irishman added that he got hooked on the sport due to the success and winning mentality of the Red Devils. In addition, there were Irish players like Denis Irwin and Roy Keane who impressed him.

McGregor also singled out Cristiano Ronaldo. The retired UFC star praised the Portuguese football icon for his success and for being an inspiration to young players.

"Cristiano is a phenomenal athlete, person, and entrepreneur. His all-around discipline, perfectionist attitude, and dedication to his craft is inspiring and has inspired so many young children to play football," McGregor said.

Sergio Ramos celebrates as Real Madrid beat Barcelona 2-0 on Sunday to go back to the top of La Liga
Sergio Ramos and Lionel Messi have been integral parts of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona over the years AFP / GABRIEL BOUYS