A self-proclaimed alien theorist or UFOlogist recently reported that an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO has been unearthed from a Russian coal mine, proving that there are already extraterrestrials living among us for years. 

According to UFOlogist Scott Waring, who runs the website ETDatabase.com, he is confident that he has stumbled upon what he believes to be a UFO drone ship or smaller spacecraft that are said to be used by the larger mothership to scout areas to explore. In the report, Waring pointed out that he has evidence of these drones being used before and cited photos and videos that show baseball-size orbs rotating around unidentified aircraft and acting as a protective shield. 

The UFO drone found in a coal mine in Russia, however, is shaped more than just an orb but an actual “alien disc” that looks like it is made of stone. Not only that, but the artifact also looks very old and very heavy as well. 

Waring explained that the material of the UFO disc is not stone but something that’s been created by advanced alien tech. “I do not believe its really stone, but a condensed nanobot micro material that strengthens the UFO-like stone, but actually is a complex network. I believe if we looked at its material under an electron microscope, we would find evidence of micro alien tech,” Waring said.

The UFOlogist “discovered” the alien disc via a video uploaded on YouTube. Based on the video, the alien disc was described as “a mysterious boulder resembling a flying saucer.” It was found in a local coal mine at the Belovo District, Kemerovo way back in 2015. The disc measured 1.2m in diameter and weighs approximately 200kg.  

Waring has been known for a number of other “discoveries” pertaining to aliens. One of his latest claims included discovering alien orbs across the Taurus constellation. The orbs, discovered via a sky map, was reported by Waring as spacecraft that have been traveling very fast and came to a stop in the constellation’s region. 

The supposed spaceships were said to be donut-shaped and were emitting pulsing lights. Waring also compared them to similar flying objects that appeared during NASA’s tethering experiment that was conducted way back in 1996 which was done to attempt generating electricity by utilizing Earth's magnetic field. 

But as IBTimes previously reported, Waring is not a reliable source of space news despite his interesting theories so information from him should always be taken with caution.