A mysterious underground base on Area 51 that’s believed to store and hide unidentified flying objects (UFO) captured by the U.S. government is said to have been discovered via Google Maps.

According to alien theorist and UFOlogist Scott Waring, who runs the alien website ETDatabase.com and his own YouTube channel, he has discovered what looks like a newly-built underground base in the controversial government property.

“I found something in Area 51 that appears to be a newly-built underground base. But why would the US government need another underground base there?” he said.

Waring noted that he used Google Earth map to spot the anomaly and said that the new base is located 55 miles away to the north-east of Area 51’s official perimeter. The UFOlogist described the discovery as incredible.

“Look at this facility, it is really quite incredible. It is near a farm for some reason, and I am sure the farm is on private government land. You can see they have built and buried these rooms very deep underneath the base,” Waring said.

Aside from this, he also commented that the underground area has very complex, sliding doors. “These would be the perfect location for UFOs to arrive and leave, and it is very possible for another area to open-up,” he said.

Waring also believes that the military is hiding strong evidence of aliens right here on Earth. Using an image taken using Google Earth Map, he pointed out what he said was very visible evidence of alien activity in the extraterrestrial hotbed.

“I found this UFO back in 2010 and made a video that got 1.4 million views on it. So I wanted to show the public that they can still see it. Most people don't know how to see the old photos on Google map, so here I show you how to see the 33 meter UFO,” Waring said.

Waring went on to further claim that his “discovery” is being thwarted by the U.S. government via Google in hopes of hosing down what he claims is one of his biggest discoveries of alien activity.

Area 51 is a highly-classified United States Air Force (USAF) facility located in the Nevada Test and Training Range and has been the subject of controversy for years because of UFOs and other alien claims.

Area 51 map
A map of Area 51, the secretive U.S. Air Force base that's the subject of countless conspiracy theories and a new ban on drones. Wikicommons