When it comes to finding evidence of alien life or alien activity whether here on Earth or outside space, leave it to alien theorists and UFOlogists to discover or stumble upon the most bizarre and compelling evidence.

One of their latest “discoveries” is stumbling on what looks like an egg-shaped space ship hovering above some houses in Iceland. The discovery was shared by infamous UFOlogist Scott Waring who runs the website, ETDatabase.com.

According to Waring, the UFO was captured in a photo taken in Reykjavík by local fashion designer Sigga Maija. In an original post that was shared on Facebook, Maija said that she had just stepped outside in downtown Reykjavík when she saw the oddly-shaped cloud hovering on homes in Iceland. She captioned the photo, “Egg or aliens?”

Waring, upon seeing the post, adjusted the photo to make a better picture of how the egg-shaped cloud is an actual alien spaceship. He also suggested that the aliens could be monitoring the area to study human activity.

“These two UFOs disguised as clouds were seen over Iceland this week. The closest UFO...which is egg-shaped is hovering over some old houses. This makes me highly suspicious that the UFOs are scanning the inhabitants in order to learn more about human activity,” Waring said.

“They may even be abducting some people and then returning them all in a few minutes whiteout them ever knowing it happened. Although such a phenomenon is known as "missing time," it can happen so fast that no such time is missing at all. The chances that the egg-shaped craft is abducting someone is extraordinarily high.”

However, according to a report, the egg-shaped cloud is considered a common phenomenon. The cloud shape is called lenticular clouds and are formed via large features on the Earth’s surface like mountains or skyscrapers. The structures tend to disrupt airflow to form eddies. Moist air then flows into the eddies and form the egg-shaped clouds.

Since Iceland has a lot of natural structures, the lenticular clouds are considered to be quite common in the area. Most of the time the cloud takes the shape of saucers, further speculating that Iceland has strong alien activities throughout the year.

UFO Alien
An illustration of an alien. Pawel86/Pixabay