Uganda's opposition leader Kizza Besigye is under house arrest, as a new parliamentary session is set to open. Ugandan police on Thursday placed the country's top opposition leader under house arrest to prevent what authorities said could be a destructive protest march.

Besigye said after he left his house he was stopped by the police. “He was under preventive arrest and he was given two options - either to return home or to go the police station, said the police.

Besigye has been arrested four times in the past weeks during the opposition protests for the rising cost of living. He has been leading the marches to protest against corruption and the rising prices of food and fuel. The marches have sparked violence between the police and protesters.

Human Rights activists say the police have already killed 9 people during the protest marches. Besigye was charged with inciting violence, according to authorities. He was placed under house arrest because on Wednesday and the police are on guard near Besigye's home, said a police spokesperson.

And given the past experiences where vehicles were stoned on the roads and people's property destroyed by the protesters he was leading, we decided to place him under house arrest, the spokesperson added.

These marches have been serious anti-government disapproval in sub-Saharan Africa. All protests have been covered by media. I am not aware of throwing of stones at vehicles and police which is not provoked by the police itself, Besigye said.

Riots broke out, last month in Kampala to protest the rough treatment against Besigye by the security services during his last arrest on April 29. Besigye used to be President Yoweri Museveni’s personal physician, but broke away from the president, since he viewed the problems within the government.