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  • UC Berkeley assistant professor David Holtz booked a room in London via Airbnb for a trip
  • He shared photos of his alleged abode, which was a bathroom with a bed in it
  • He claimed that Airbnb customer service failed to provide proper assistance

A professor's much-anticipated vacation in the U.K. took an unexpected and unpleasant turn when he arrived at his Airbnb accommodation and allegedly found that it was a bathroom with a bed inside it.

The incident has gained widespread attention, with a tweet recounting the alleged ordeal garnering over 15 million views on Twitter.

David Holtz, an assistant professor at the University of California, Berkeley, had booked an Airbnb rental for his trip to London but noticed something unusual during the booking process.

Jam Press reported that the listing had no reviews, raising some concerns, but he didn't pay much attention to it until he reached the city and discovered that his supposed flat was nothing more than an oversized bathroom.

Holtz shared his experience via Twitter, stating, "[That feeling when] you arrive at your Airbnb and realize that the whole space is essentially just a large-ish bathroom that the host put a bed into."

A photo in his tweet showed the unfortunate arrangement. The snap showed that the bed is just inches away from the toilet, separated by a flimsy pane of glass, while the shower and sink are positioned opposite and adjacent to the sleeping area.

Humorous reactions to Holtz's experience flooded his comments section.

One dubbed it an "Airbnpee," while another user made comparisons with the retail store Bed, Bath & Beyond.

A third person joked that the room has all necessities within arm's reach.

Holtz said he has reached out to Airbnb to express his dissatisfaction. However, he claimed that despite multiple interactions with customer support, his concerns were not addressed.

Airbnb responded to his initial tweet, asking him to provide his account details for further investigation. But Holtz didn't believe the situation would have a different outcome given his previous encounters with the company's support team.

Airbnb issued a statement to the New York Post in response to the incident, saying, "Our customer service team has been in contact with this guest to provide support. We encourage guests to review all photos, as well as the description and reviews, prior to booking a stay."

The rental company encouraged guests to thoroughly examine the provided information before making a reservation.

"After sleeping for 2 nights one foot away from a toilet, I'm ready to sleep for 26 nights in the jungles of Fiji." Holtz tweeted, trying to find the humor in the situation.

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Airbnb is one of the Olympics' biggest backers with a reported $500 million sponsorship deal running until 2028 AFP / Lionel BONAVENTURE