View of the basement of a police office used as a detention place by Russian servicemen, in the town of Izium


  • Baklan was abducted by Russian soldiers in April last year
  • The torture by the Russians led to numerous injuries to Baklan's head and kidney
  • Russia set up numerous torture chambers in Ukrainian cities they occupied

A Ukrainian man subjected to torture by members of the Russian army has lost a portion of his skull as a result, according to a report.

Oleksandr Baklan was abducted by Russian soldiers in April last year. While in detention, Baklan was subjected to torture, which led to numerous injuries to his head, lungs and kidney. The torture has since also led him to lose part of his skull, resulting in memory and vision loss, per the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Since then, there have been multiple reports detailing the Russian army's cruelty toward Ukrainian civilians and captured Ukrainian prisoners of war.

In early January of this year, it was reported that the Russians were giving detained Ukrainian citizens in the Kherson region greasy canned meat and expired products during their occupation. The prisoners were also only allowed to eat one meal per day, with each person being given just 40 seconds to eat their fill.

"They fed us once a day, most often with rotten food. The first two days I refused to eat, we were given canned meat, covered with grease from top to bottom," said one Ukrainian citizen who was detained by the Russian army. "Then they started giving us local products, though they were also expired. When I opened a container with something like porridge, it smelled awful."

In addition to expired food, the prisoners said Russian soldiers only gave them "water with rusty flakes from the toilet" to drink.

Since the war began, Ukrainian officials have also discovered a number of torture chambers set up in occupied areas by Russian forces.

Also in January, Ukrainian officials discovered a torture chamber in Oleksandrivka village in Mykolaiv oblast. There, local residents were beaten and strangled for refusing to give up the addresses of Ukrainian patriots.

Another torture chamber had also been discovered in the basement of the National Police Main Department in Kherson oblast. The chamber was used to hold locals, particularly law enforcement officers who refused to cooperate.

In early December of last year, Ukrainian authorities discovered several torture chambers in the city of Kherson where local residents, including children, were kept and subjected to psychological abuse.

A view of a newspaper and a gas mask hung on a wall at a room in a police station which a Ukrainian serviceman says was used as a torture chamber by Russian soldiers in the town of Izium