Which party -- Democratic or Repbublican -- while occupying the White House -- creates the most jobs, on a per year basis?

The answer may surprise you.

The Republican Party claims that it is the party of pro-business, pro-growth, and job creating policies, but the statistics do not support that contention, according to job data compiled by the U.S. Labor Department.

In the modern era, since 1933, over 43 years the Democratic total is about 73.4 million jobs for an average of 1.7 million jobs per year.

Meanwhile, over 36 years Republican presidents created about 34.8 million jobs for an average of 967,000 jobs per year.

Listed below are the jobs created by U.S. president, based on U.S. Non-Farm Payroll data collected by the U.S. Department of Labor:

The biggest job creator? President Bill Clinton -- who created a staggering 22.74 million jobs during the Roaring 90s, good for an average of 2.84 million jobs per year.

Presidential Job Creation, By Administration

Franklin D. Roosevelt, D-N.Y., 1933-45

First term: +5.44 million (estimated)

Second term: +3.29 million (estimated)

Third term: +7.42 million

Partial fourth term: -460,000 jobs

FDR Total: +15.69 million (estimated total)

Harry Truman, D-Mo., 1945-53

Partial First term: +3.23 million jobs

Second term: +5.47 million jobs

Truman Total: +8.70 million jobs

Dwight Eisenhower, R-Kan., 1953-61

First term: +2.74 million jobs

Second term: +795,000 jobs

Ike Total: +3.54 million jobs

John F. Kennedy, D-Mass.,1961-63

JFK Partial term: +3.57 million jobs

Lyndon Johnson, D-Texas,1963-69

Partial term: +2.33 million jobs

Full term: +9.86 million jobs

LBJ Total: +12.18 million jobs

Richard Nixon, R-Calif., 1969-74

First term: +6.18 million

Partial term: +3 million jobs

Nixon Total: +9.18 million jobs

Gerald Ford, R-Mich., 1974-77

Ford Partial term: +2.07 million jobs

Jimmy Carter, D-Ga., 1977-81

Carter First term: +10.34 million jobs

Ronald Reagan, R-Calif., 1981-89

First term: +5.32 million jobs

Second term: +10.78 million jobs

Reagan Total: +16.10 million jobs

George H.W. Bush, R-Texas, 1989-93

George H.W. Bush First term: +2.59 million jobs

Bill Clinton, D-Ark., 1993-2001

First term: +11.51 million jobs

Second term: +11.24 million jobs

Clinton Total: +22.74 million jobs

George W. Bush, R-Texas, 2001-2009

First term: +7,000 jobs

Second term: +1.3 million jobs

George W. Bush Total: 1.31 million jobs

Barack Obama, D-Ill., 2009-Present

Partial term: -1.93 million jobs.

Obama Total to-date: -1.93 million jobs.