U.S. rapper Lil Wayne is set to be sentenced Tuesday in New York City for pleading guilty in a gun possession case.

The Grammy Award winning rapper, who has become one of the genre's hottest stars, is likely to serve a one year sentence immediately, according to the Associated Press.

I'm out this b----. To all my fans, my real fans, I really, really, really truly love you. I love you with all of me, for real, Wayne said in a live streaming farewell video.

I'll probably be loving everything else because I love you s much. Thank you from the bottom [of my heart]. Do not forget about me 'cause I will forever think about you, and I cannot wait or yu to see me again. I'm out.

Wayne pleaded guilty in October to illegally carry a loaded .40 caliber semiautomatic gun on his tour bus in July 2007.