• Another snowstorm is expected to hit the eastern half of the United States this weekend
  • Snow will fall in higher elevations while freezing rain and sleet systems are expected in other regions
  • Some trips will be delayed or canceled due to the third consecutive weekend winter storm in the U.S.

An incoming winter storm that will brew around the eastern half of the United States during the weekend is expected to have an impact on Americans traveling within the next two days. This is the third consecutive weekend that rain and snow will be dumped in the country.

According to CNN, weather experts said snow will continue to fall in some parts of the Midwest on Friday. While the Upper Peninsula of Michigan can see snow reaching up to six inches, Chicago, Iowa, Minneapolis, and Des Moines are areas expected to get much smaller volumes of snow.

Also on the same day, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, and St. Louis will most likely experience travel delays due to the continuous brewing of the weekend’s winter storm.

Come Saturday, rain will fall around northern New England as well as North Carolina throughout the day. Ohio Valley will also see some snow, and only a few towns on the outskirts of New England will experience the snow storm.

Weather analysts warned that towns in higher elevations such as those in the upper regions of New England and northern Pennsylvania will see higher amounts of snow throughout the weekend.

In other U.S. regions, freezing rain is more likely than snow. The areas expected to experience sleet and freezing rain are Maine, Philadelphia, Portland, New York, Boston, and Washington.

NBC News noted that while most of the snow that will fall this weekend will be confined to parts of northern New England, temperatures are still moving to warmer levels in much of the bordering regions of the United States.

South Florida will once again see warmer temperatures in the next couple of days, following Wednesday’s record-low in Miami. This week’s phenomena in Miami marked the lowest temperature in the area for almost a decade.

In the central regions of the U.S., the situation has been just as smug since earlier this week. According to AccuWeather, accidents were reported in Omaha and Hastings due to continuous freezing rainfall on Tuesday night.

By Wednesday morning, state troopers responded to multiple accidents around Interstate 94 in Minnesota. Authorities warned of hazardous driving conditions along the area and urged drivers to be more alert.

In Missouri and Kansas City, rain and snow alternated with the other. Temperatures played around the lower and middle range of 30 degrees on Thursday.

Travelers are encouraged to stay alert and watch out for potential transportation cancelations.