BitTorrent Inc. customers have taken to online forums in recent days to complain that when they try to download the newest version of uTorrent, the Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Chrome browser stands in their way.

UTorrent, the most popular client used to download large media files, is frequently used by Internet pirates to illegally download copyright content. UTorrent itself is free and legal to use, with BitTorrent Inc. (uTorrent’s developer) officials maintaining that they do not advocate using the service for anything illegal. Yet the program has been downloaded by millions who use it for exactly that, with Google Chrome apparently trying to discourage users from doing so.

“UTorrent.exe is malicious and Chrome has blocked it,” users who attempt to download uTorrent version are informed.

Chrome offers to restore the file, accompanying the second pop-up with another warning.

“This file will harm your computer,” the message states, as quoted by TorrentFreak. “Even if you have downloaded files from this website before, the website may have been hacked. Instead of recovering this file, you can retry the download later.”

A cursory search of Google’s Safe Browsing Diagnostic page indicates that uuTrrent may, in fact, have been hacked. A notice reads: “Part of this site was listed for suspicious activity 23 time(s) over the past 90 days.”

This update comes shortly after uTorrent made it possible for users to download content without viewing advertisements, an issue that has proved contentious among the large user base.

This story will be updated with comment from Google Chrome.