• Trees are useful for crafting and survival against the sun
  • Hunt down bosses whenever possible for essential powers and tech unlocks
  • Be wise when picking a spot to build a castle on

There’s a lot to do in “V Rising,” and having a successful early game phase can help set players up for an easier time with the game’s harder areas.

Like some other survival games, “V Rising” has a habit of not telling players what to do or where to get important resources, and this can lead to some frustration since much of the game’s systems involve a ton of grinding.

Here are a few tips to help new players get on their feet in the early stages.

Dedicate time for resource gathering

Creating a proper castle requires a lot of time and resources. Given how vampires are allergic to sunlight, it would be smart for players to dedicate a few in-game nights solely for resource gathering.

Grab some axes and a mace, then just whack every tree and stone pillar in sight. This will save a lot of time later.

Always upgrade gear

Progression is directly tied to the level of items that players have equipped. As such, it’s a good idea to always be on the lookout for ways to get that gear score up as soon as possible.

While exploring or raiding NPC camps, be on the lookout for crafting recipes. Sometimes, enemies will drop recipes for gear with affixes like the Merciless set. Crafting these will offer a significant bump to the player’s gear score.

Hunt down bosses for upgrades

The other half of player progression involves boss hunting. Each unique boss will unlock new powers and crafting recipes for players to use, which will allow them to tailor their vampire’s playstyle and advance through the game’s tech tree.

Scout enemy blood types before fighting

The type of blood players drain from their victims greatly affects their overall combat prowess. Each blood type has different effects, and the higher the percentage a player drains from an enemy, the stronger these effects become.

Before engaging an enemy group, try to check if there’s one with a favorable blood type. If there is one, then try to kill them last with Bite.

Save the trees

Lastly, always leave a few trees along the path to a friendly castle. Trees provide valuable shade that can help players survive during the day. Even a small line of trees can be a lifesaver when the sun is out.

Raid human towns as a powerful vampire in V Rising
Raid human towns as a powerful vampire in V Rising V Rising