• Most mods for "Valheim" are installed by pasting files in the game's installation folder
  • Some mods may require special instructions
  • Mods can be downloaded in file-hosting sites like Nexus Mods

The modding scene in “Valheim” is already starting to take off despite the game not having any official modding support from developers. A number of useful mods have already emerged online, including ones that feature improvements to the game’s building systems and core mechanics such as food, sleep and combat.

Thankfully, installing mods in “Valheim” is simple and easy to perform unlike in other games. Some “Valheim” mods do require more additional steps compared to others, so it’s best to check each mod to see what prerequisites they need.

Most “Valheim” mods can be installed by simply downloading the files and pasting them into the game’s installation folder.

To access the installation folder quickly, go to the Steam Library, right-click on “Valheim” and click on the “Browse Local Files” button under the Manage tab. This will open a File Explorer window that leads directly to the installation folder. Mods like “Valheim Plus” can be installed by following this procedure.

Most mods also come with the “BepInEx” plugin, which is needed by a host of other mods. The plugin allows the game to read custom data and is essential for many different mods.

Where to download mods

NexusMods is a great place to search for mods across many different games.

The website hosts a number of “Valheim” mods that can be easily downloaded after signing up for a free account. The site also provides a mod manager called “Vortex” that can automatically manage and install mods depending on their compatibility with certain games.

Best mods for “Valheim”

Valheim Plus” is popular for its plethora of quality-of-life changes to the game. It introduces adjustments to crafting speeds, player stamina values, food duration, carry weight numbers and building system.

For players who only want very specific changes, modders at NexusMods may have what they’re looking for. There’s one mod that can provide a shared map system, while others can increase loot spawns and even provide a way to tell the time.

One mod allows players to enjoy the game in the first-person mode. This can be a great download for players who love to build structures in “Valheim.”

A foggy morning in the realm of Valheim A foggy morning in the realm of Valheim. Photo: Valheim