• Yagluth can be summoned at his ritual site by sacrificing five Fuling Totems
  • The "Valheim" boss moves slowly but hits hard
  • Yagluth is resistant to elemental damage but weak to Blunt damage

In “Valheim,” players are tasked with taking down the Forsaken, legendary creatures that serve as the game’s boss enemies. Among all of the Forsaken available so far, Yagluth is the most difficult to take down because of his hard-hitting attacks and overall gear requirement. With a bit of luck and a lot of perseverance, players can take him down and bring a wrap to “Valheim’s” Early Access progression for the time being.

Yagluth is the boss connected to the Plains biome. “Valheim” players will have to find and summon him similar to how the other bosses are summoned: find the ritual altar, gather the sacrificial items then fight the boss until it’s dead.

In Yagluth’s case, players will have to search for a Vegvisir (the small red runestones) in the Plains biome. These can be found inside Fuling outposts and villages. These areas, especially the villages, are typically guarded by numerous Fulings so be prepared for a fight.

A player being chased by a Fuling and a Fuling Berserker across the Plains biome in Valheim A player being chased by a Fuling and a Fuling Berserker across the Plains biome in Valheim. Photo: Valheim

Interacting with the Vegvisir will automatically pinpoint Yagluth’s location on the World Map.

After the location is found, players will then need to find Fuling Totems. These items can be found inside Fuling villages and are occasionally dropped by Fuling Berserkers. Five of these will be required to summon the boss.

Once these are done, it’s advised to make a small staging area near the boss’ spawn point. Put a portal or a few beds to allow for quick respawns and set up a small camp that’s stocked with food and a few pieces of furniture.

Yagluth moves very slowly, but his attacks hit extremely hard with elemental fire damage. He can breathe fire, summon meteors and hit players with melee attacks. Players will have to dodge or use the finger-shaped pillars around the altar to avoid damage since his attacks can break through shield blocks.

Elemental damage from Frostner or Frost Arrows will do minimal damage against Yagluth. It’s best to use weapons with high physical damage that will ignore his elemental resistance. Yagluth is weak to Blunt damage so weapons like the Porcupine or a fully-upgraded Iron Mace will make short work of him.

Players can keep up their damage per second by using bows while Yagluth is using his dangerous attacks. Once an opening appears, players can rush the boss in melee and deal even more damage with maces.

Keep pressing the attack while avoiding damage and the boss will eventually go down. Players will be rewarded with the Yagluth trophy and an item that is yet to be implemented into “Valheim.”