• Console versions for "Valheim" are not in the works at the moment, but developers are considering it for the future
  • The game is only available on PC and Linux as of writing
  • Players can expect "Valheim" to receive major updates as it progresses through Early Access 

It’s no secret that “Valheim” is an overwhelming indie-game success on PC. Roughly 2 million players are currently exploring the game’s procedurally-generated world, and more are expected to join in the coming weeks. The game’s success on PC has left fans with one question: is “Valheim” coming to consoles?

Iron Gate AB, the game’s developer, has addressed this question in the FAQ section of the official “Valheim” website. The developers said that the game is currently only available for PC and Linux via Steam, but a console release may eventually come in the future.

A Mac release might also be on the horizon but only if a significant demand for it arises, according to Iron Gate AB.

The developers also said in the FAQ that they won’t be ruling out the possibility of a console release for the game. This means that a version of “Valheim” for next-gen consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X might eventually be available for those who prefer playing on said consoles. A port for the Nintendo Switch may also be a possibility.

However, considering that the game is still in Early Access, the production of a console port may take quite a long time. Iron Gate AB consists of only four full-time employees and one part-time consultant, so work on the game will more or less be at a slow yet steady pace.

“Valheim” recently breached the 2 million player mark on Feb. 16, just six days after reaching its first million player milestone.

The massive surge in players only fueled the game’s still-growing popularity. “Valheim” has already overtaken other big survival games like “ARK: Survival Evolved” in terms of total number of concurrent players on Steam, with “Valheim” having a record of 391,325 players as of writing.

Despite this, players will have to sit tight and wait until Iron Gate AB officially announces a console port for the game. In the meantime, existing “Valheim” players can look forward to the major updates that the developers have planned for 2021, including base building improvements, new monsters, new biomes, more enemies and items and more, according to the game’s road map.

A foggy morning in the realm of Valheim
A foggy morning in the realm of Valheim. Valheim