• The freezing temperatures in the Mountain biome will sap a "Valheim" player's health continuously
  • Players will need either Frost Resistance Mead or the Wolf Armor Set
  • The Wolf Armor Set can only be crafted after gathering materials from the Mountain

Among the five biomes available in “Valheim” so far, the Mountain is the only one with a unique climate mechanic. Vikings who set foot on a Mountain’s snowy slopes will find themselves freezing, resulting in constant HP loss.

Building a fire can help keep “Valheim” players warm, but those who want to explore the Mountain biome will need to find a source of frost resistance.

Frost resistance will reduce the effects of the Mountain’s freezing cold effect on players. As of the game’s current version, players can obtain this buff through Frost Resistance Meads and by wearing the Wolf Armor Set.

A Valheim player encounters one of the game's many enemies hiding in the dark.
A Valheim player encounters one of the game's many enemies hiding in the dark. Valheim Official Website

Many players will have to settle for the mead first, however.

The Wolf Armor is a cut above the Iron Armor. It boasts a higher defense rating and offers players innate Frost Resistance. The only downside is that players will need to gather materials from the Mountain biomes themselves in order to craft Wolf Armor pieces.

With this in mind, Frost Resistance Mead will be the only option for those who are just setting out to explore the frozen peaks.

How to create Frost Resistance Mead

Players will first need to have access to a Cauldron and a Fermenter before they can start crafting Mead. They will also need access to a Swamp biome since one of the Frost Resistance Mead’s main ingredients, Bloodbags, can only be gathered from there.

The entire recipe for the mead is as follows:

  • 10x Honey
  • 5x Thistle
  • 2x Bloodbag
  • 1x Greydwarf Eye

The ingredients are to be processed in a Cauldron then stowed in a Fermenter for two in-game days. Four to six meads is the ideal number for players who want to explore Mountain biomes, but more will be required for those who want to gather materials for the Wolf Armor set.

How to craft the Wolf Armor Set

To create this armor set, players will need a level two Forge and the following materials:

  • 40x Silver
  • 10x Wolf Pelt
  • 1x Chain
  • 4x Wolf Fang

These ingredients will be enough for both the chest piece and leggings. Remember to bring the Wishbone that drops from Bonemass to make Silver mining easier.