The 2012 Election season has seen many candidates come and go, but none have proved quite as wacky as Vermin Love Supreme, a candidate running against incumbent President Obama on a platform of dental hygiene, time travel research funding and a program harnessing zombie power for renewable energy. As for entitlement programs, he only offers one: a pony for every American.

Yes, he's serious.

Supreme, who has reportedly run for office three times in the past, is pursuing the much sought after presidency to become a self-proclaimed Emperor for the New Millennium.

In a statement on his campaign web site, Supreme claims he has broken away from the rat pack and intends to raise the critical questions that your run-of-the-mill apparatchiks will necessarily ignore.

Supreme has been called a performance artist, satirist and anarchist, but the infamous pseudo-politician is not teasing. In the 2008 Election, he campaigned in the New Hampshire Republican Party primary and received 41 votes (0.02 percent).

The Dumbeldore lookalike continued his fight to take the White House in 2012 and campaigned once again in the New Hampshire primary, but this time as a Democrat. In the Democratic Party primary this week, Supreme received a whopping 831 votes against Obama's 48,959 votes.

At a New Hampshire forum for Lesser-Known Democratic candidates on Dec. 19, Supreme opened up about some of his key policy issues for this election cycle.

Wearing a lime green sweater, several ties around his neck and his signature black rubber-boot hat, Supreme started his speech in an unlikely fashion.

Gingivitis has been eroding the gum line of this great nation long enough and must be stopped, he began. For too long this country has been suffering a great moral and oral decay in spirit and incisors.

In his speech, Supreme discussed a number of key mandates he would promote as president, most importantly a mandatory tooth-brushing law.

America, my name is Vermin Supreme, I am a friendly fascist, he told the audience. I am a tyrant that you should trust, and you should let me run your life because I do know what is best for you.

He also expressed support for a free-pony-for-every-American entitlement program to create lots and lots of jobs, which would lower our dependence on foreign oil and help enrich the soil by turning pony poop into methane gas and a wonderful compost.

Supreme further discussed a plan in the New Hampshire forum for zombies to turn giant turbines filled with dangling brains in an effort to harness the awesome power of zombies for energy sources and lessen America's dependence on foreign oil.

Supreme's closing statement, like much of his campaign, was weird to say the least. The satirist sang a plea for votes to the tune of the Chicken Dance and then glitter-bombed the notoriously homophobic lesser-known Democratic candidate, Randall Terry, claiming Jesus told me to make Randall Terry gay.

The wacky satirist has also sought out Republican candidates in an effort to attack his opponents seeking the nomination in the GOP race.

At the 2012 New Hampshire Primary, Supreme waited in the parking lot with a megaphone to heckle GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul.

Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Supreme shouted taunting the Texas Representative. You are surrounded by the media, the media owns you now.

My name is Vermin Supreme; I'm running [for] the president of America, Supreme continued to shout, the Washington Times reports. I'm a friendly fascist, a tyrant you can trust because I know what is best for you. I am on the ballot here in New Hampshire, and you can vote for me. I am Obama's primary, primary, challenger. I am challenging him and Ron Paul to a debate and an arm-wrestling match, leg-wrestling match and a panty-wrestling match to decide it all, the presidency of the United States.

When Supreme tried to block the candidate from entering his SUV, a member of Paul's security team blocked the performance artist as Paul and his entourage were escorted away.

Supreme has also reportedly heckled conservative GOP primary candidate, Rick Santorum, who is running on a staunch family values platform.

In the parking lot of the Belmont Hall and Restaurant where Santorum spoke Friday, the Washington Post reports that Supreme sang Will You Marry Me Rick to the tune of Happy Birthday through a bullhorn. He allegedly shouted, Come out with your hands up and your pants down!

Santorum is a strong opponent of same-sex marriage and Supreme seemed to be capitalizing on this policy in a state where same-sex marriage is legal.

Watch Vermin Supreme Speak About His Policies: