To help debunk the myths of electric vehicles and winter driving, Ford (F) has released a video, as well as images, of its new all-electric Mustang-inspired SUV testing in harsh snowy conditions at its Smithers Winter Test Center.

Ford has made a significant investment into its EV development, joining forces with electric truck maker Rivian and partnering with Volkswagen for electric vehicle technology that is expected to lead to the release of another electrified vehicle.

Team Edison, the project team which has been tasked with Ford’s electric vehicle development, has been testing the highly-anticipated all-electric SUV that the company teased will be based off on its iconic Mustang muscle car.

Now, Ford has released a video and a series of images that show the heavily-cloaked SUV winter testing in an extreme snow-laden environment to dispel the rumors that EVs can’t take on these weather elements. According to the company, the battery of the vehicle was tested to -40° F.

“At Ford, we’ve gone to great lengths to test our electric vehicles in extreme conditions,” Ted Cannis, global director, electrification at Ford said in a self-written article. “And while it is true that you can anticipate a partial reduction in range in extreme conditions, it is not something that is going to sneak up on you. After all, do you ever notice how you can’t travel as far on a tank of gas in the winter — or in the summer if you’re blasting the air conditioning?”

While the electric SUV is camouflaged in the video, it has been suggested by the automaker to have a driving range of 300 miles, Electrek reported. In addition, the SUV presents a rival to Tesla’s Model Y, which the company has been proactively promoting against Elon Musk’s EV introduction.

According to Ford, the new Mustang-inspired SUV will be available at dealers around the same time as the Model Y SUV from Tesla, making it clear that the two EVs will compete for buyers. The Ford electric SUV is slated to arrive in the fall of 2020.

Joe Hindrichs, president of global operations at Ford told CNBC in March that the company is moving quickly to produce its “Mustang-inspired” all-electric SUV that will be in showrooms next year, which is around the same time as Tesla is expected to deliver its Model Y SUV.

Shares of Ford stock were down 0.32 percent as of 10:17 a.m. ET on Friday.