A shocking video surfaced on YouTube showing a toddler playing with a giant python outside his home in East Java Province, Indonesia. The video, which has been viewed more than 110,000 times in the last two days, sparked concerns over the safety of the child. 

The video shows the boy coiling up in the reptile as it slithers around. At one point, the child is seen holding the snake's head and drops it on the ground. The child laughs as he plays with the python unaware of the potential danger.

The adults filming the incident, who are believed to be the toddler's parents, could be heard laughing in the background.

Viewers expressed outrage and slammed the parents of the child for allowing him to play with the snake.

“That snake isn’t patient. It’s full. If that thing was hungry that boy would be dead,” one viewer wrote. Another responded: “Lets see if they still be laughing when that python grab the boy by his leg and wraps him around suffocate him to death..!”

A third claimed: "Those parents need locking up for allowing their child to do this." And a fourth suggested: "These people should not be allowed to have kids."

The reptile in the video is believed to be a reticulated python, one of the world's longest and heaviest snakes. While these reptiles are non-venomous, they are still known to have killed humans.

This is not the first time a child has been seen playing with a massive python. In late July, a video surfaced showing a 5-year-old girl playing with a 13-foot-long python, which is nearly four times her size. The child was seen patting the giant yellow snake in an alleyway next to a home in Surrey, in southeast England. At one point she bends toward the python as if to kiss it. 

In 2015, a video went viral as it showed a 13-foot-long Burmese python slithering over a toddler. The toddler was playing with the snake as her father watched.