Kevin Antoine Dodson, star of a viral Internet song warning neighbors to watch out for a sexual predator, was arrested and charged with marijuana possession after being stopped for speeding, police said on Saturday.

Dodson was charged with second degree marijuana possession, speeding, failure to have liability insurance and other minor charges after police stopped him early Saturday in Huntsville, Huntsville Police spokesman Dr. Harry Hobbs told Reuters.

He was released later on Saturday after posting a $1,340 cash bond, Hobbs said.

Let me be the first to tell it!! Dodson tweeted to his 33,000 Twitter followers after his release. So just got out of jail off a weak charge ... Got pulled over in my Benz and they got me ... I never been in jail except that time in grade school. You remember!!!

Dodson, who lives in Huntsville, which is about 80 miles north of Birmingham, came to prominence after millions of people watched his response to an NBC television affiliate in summer 2010 after his sister was attacked in their home.

The interview was turned into a song Bed Intruder by New York musicians Evan and Michael Gregory that has sold thousands of copies on iTunes and earned Dodson royalties.

Obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park, Dodson told the television station. He's climbing in your windows. He's snatching your people up trying to rape them, so you all need to hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband because they are raping everybody out here.

Dodson chastised the sexual predator who attacked his sister in her bed -- an attack he reportedly thwarted.

You don't have to come and confess that you did it, Dodson told the NBC affiliate. We are looking for you. We are going to find you. I'm letting you know now.

(Reporting by Eric Johnson; Editing by Jerry Norton)