Star Wars
Visceral Games is making a new "Star Wars" game which is said to be codenamed as "Project Ragtag." REUTERS/Victor Fraile

Visceral is making a new "Star Wars” game which is expected to be released in 2018. Although the developer has remained quiet about the upcoming title, some details about the game may have already surfaced online.

Possible Spoilers Ahead!

The still-untitled “Star Wars” game from Visceral, currently called “Project Ragtag,” is said to star “12 Monkeys” and “Gotham” actor Todd Stashwick, playing a character nicknamed “Dodger.” This character is said to have dodged the draft into the Imperial army and fled his home world of Alderaan, as first reported by

Dodger then went into hiding, while also becoming part of the galaxy’s criminal underworld in the Outer Rim. When Alderaan was destroyed, “Dodger” became part of the Empire’s wanted “survivors list.”

When the Rebel Alliance destroyed the Death Star at the end of “Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope,” the Empire focused on hunting down the rebellion in the Outer Rim territories. This is when most of the story of “Project Ragtag” takes place.

Project Ragtag
The character seen in EA's preview for Visceral's Star Wars game is said to be nicknamed "Dodger." Electronic Arts

With the Empire scouring the Outer Rim, this shakes up the the criminal underworld with friends and allies turning against each other threatening Dodger’s safety. Dodger will then be given an opportunity to work for Jabba the Hutt, who offers him enough money that could get him off the Empire’s wanted list.

As Dodger goes on with his new job, he discovers something about the Empire concerning a new weapon of mass destruction. This forces him to “confront his past.”

The character of Dodger is said to be very capable of taking care of himself. He is said to be armed with a light whip/grapple stick on one hand, and a blaster in the other. The report claims that there will be different variants of his weapons, and some of those might be available through DLCs. also said in its follow-up report that Alderaan will drive the plot of Visceral’s “Star Wars” game. The Empire’s new weapon of mass destruction is part of the Tarkin Initiative, the think tank within the Advanced Weapon Research division of the Empire that’s responsible for the development of the Death Star.

This new weapon was first discovered by the crime boss of the Rang Clan. The Rang Clan discovers a purple poisonous gas that is now located where Alderaan used to be. The Clan boss decides to bring this new gas to the Empire where it can then be weaponized.

Project Ragtag
Visceral's "Star Wars" game will primarily be set in the Outer Rim territories. Electronic Arts

Although the two reports seem to provide a lot of information about Visceral’s upcoming “Star Wars” game, none of it has ever been confirmed by Electronic Arts or the developer. The new game was a no-show at E3 2017.

Amy Hennig, the game’s creative editor, tweeted that they didn’t go to E3 2017 because it’s supposed to be the year for “Star Wars: Battlefront 2.” Hennig did say that they were still hard at work on the new game.

Visceral’s “Star Wars” game was first confirmed by EA in 2016. All that EA could say about the game at the time was that Visceral was making an “original, authentic narrative in the ‘Star Wars universe.’”