• Ammo management is an important part of "Wasteland 3's" combat
  • Make sure to explore the environment before proceeding with a combat encounter
  • Many objects can be interacted with, which may produce favorable results

The wasteland of Colorado is a dangerous place. Mutants, monsters and men all pose a significant threat to the Desert Rangers as they do the Patriarch’s bidding, and for a game as unforgiving as “Wasteland 3,” players will need all the help they can get.

Fans of turn-based tactical RPGs may find no trouble dealing with the combat encounters in this game, but people who are new to this genre may run into some difficulties. Here are a few handy tips to help absolute beginners get on their feet in “Wasteland 3.”

Lock and Load

While it may be tempting to arm everyone with the same guns for a uniform squad getup, players should avoid doing this for one simple reason: ammunition.

All characters will draw from a single pool of ammunition, and the ammo type they use depends on the weapon they’re using. A squad using nothing but 7.62mm weapons will quickly find themselves running dry on ammo in no time.

Wasteland 3 can be a very difficult game if players don't know what they're doing
Wasteland 3 can be a very difficult game if players don't know what they're doing InXile Entertainment

Use guns in Exploration Mode

Rangers can still fire their weapons even when outside of combat. This is great for setting up ambushes or for prepping everyone before engaging the enemy. Get everyone into position and use a sniper to start combat.

Players can also shoot objects while in Exploration Mode. Almost every object with a health bar can be shot while exploring, which makes this technique great for bypassing locked doors or for clearing traps.

Craft meds and ammo

Crafting is great for topping up supplies while out on an expedition. Players will still need to purchase guns, meds and ammunition from vendors though, as crafting costs are often high and unsustainable.

The crafting menu can be accessed via the inventory menu.

Toaster Repair

Though it may sound like a joke at first, the Toaster Repair skill can be invaluable if players invest in it.

Broken toasters often drop excellent loot, including some items like Toast and Tarjan Tokens that can’t be obtained anywhere else. Toasters are a surprising source of money due to all of the random loot they can drop.

At Rank 7, Toaster Repair also gives a nifty fire damage perk that works well with Flamethrower builds.