• Revolvers and one-handed energy weapons tend to have better stats than normal pistols
  • Pistol perks generally rely on the Agility stat
  • The Furious legendary effect is a nice alternative to the post-nerf Bloodied effect

Though pistols and tiny handguns often go overlooked in most shooter games, players can deck themselves out with six-shooters and other pocket-sized blasters in “Fallout 76” with very little detriment, if any at all.

Those who want to roleplay as lone rangers, fast-drawing gunslingers or covert operatives in the Appalachian Wastelands will find no shortage of pistols to use and perks to power themselves up with. Sure, heavier weapons tend to be more spectacular, but nothing quite matches the simplicity of a one-handed gun.

Here’s one “Fallout 76” pistol build for players to try out.

Recommended Weapons and Effects

While leveling up, the Somerset Special is a strong and reliable weapon. This .44 revolver is great against almost all targets. The Somerset Special comes with the Anti-Armor effect, which makes the gun ignore 50% of a target’s defenses.

The Somerset Special revolver in Fallout 76
The Somerset Special revolver in Fallout 76 Fallout 76

This, paired with the gun’s high base damage, makes it a solid choice against raiders, robots and small mutants. However, its low DPS, small magazine size and slow reload make it tough to use in fights against high-health enemies.

Due to this glaring drawback, bring a 10mm pistol or any similar weapon with a fast fire rate.

For the late game, players can pick from level-appropriate versions of the following:

  • Western Revolver
  • Gauss Pistol
  • Crusader

As for effects, the Furious legendary effect can be extremely potent in a pistol build thanks to their relatively high base damage compared to most automatic weapons. This effect increases the damage dealt to targets after every hit.

A fast-firing pistol with this modifier can become a potent DPS tool that can be used against the toughest of mutants.

Special Points, Perk Cards and Mutations

Ideally, players should prioritize upgrading Agility and Luck for combat-related bonuses, then Endurance, Strength and Intelligence for other benefits. Consider getting the following perks:

  • Gunslinger (AGI; includes Expert and Master versions)
  • Modern Renegade (AGI)
  • Gun Fu (AGI)
  • Action Boy (AGI)
  • Bloody Mess (Luck)
  • Super Duper (Luck)
  • Bandolier (STR)
  • Sturdy Frame (STR)
  • Gunsmith (INT)

This setup should help maximize pistol damage and VATS effectiveness while providing crucial benefits like weight reduction and high-level crafting access.

As for Mutations, consider Adrenal Reaction and Eagle Eyes for more DPS and Scaly Skin for added survivability.